About us

Our agency was established in 2010 in Georgia. Thanks to our guests for trusting us We growing rapidly and took a group Travel agency business documentary from Ministry of Culture and Tourism in Turkey ( Laz Tourism Travel Agency ). As Laz Tour Travel Agency, our office provides services in Georgia and Turkey from 2010.

One of the basic goals of our agency is to have a better serve for our customers who prefer to as a professional manner and provide to promote the countries, primarily including in Georgia, Azerbaijan, and Armenia cooperation with all international organizations. Our agency is one of the professional agencies providing services through Turkey and Georgia.

Why Laz Tour?

Laz Tour; It provides services based on guest satisfaction. Flexible tour packages, hotel and holiday sales suits for everyone and every budget, to be a company that memories will not be forgotten our guests' vacation, to be managed with a clear governance to innovation and business development, Tours arrangements with professional staff in accordance with the route set by our guests and the most important, it has a system our guests can determine their vacations for themselves. Laz Tour is a company was fronted different trails increasing Supply and Demand interest each day and that can renew itself.

Our mission

  1. To be a leader in innovation in the sector,
  2. To development continuously on Individual and institutional.
  3. To provide all the possibilities of technology to employees and customers,
  4. To maintain the working life with social values ,
  5. To become the preferred working company

Individual Services

Laz Tour which has the largest range of products and services in the tourism sector with the existing country, Turkey, Georgia , Azerbaijan and Armenia is continuing to add to the new products and services every day.

  1. Guidance Services
  2. Hotels and Resorts
  3. Air , Land, Sea Transportation Services
  4. Cultural Tours
  5. Youth Tour
  6. Abroad Tour Packages
  7. Ski Tours
  8. Health facilities (Thermal Hotels )
  9. Rent a Car Service
  10. Honeymoon Packages (Domestic and Abroad Options)

Corporate Services

Laz Tour,corporate large, small and medium-sized enterprise’s all of kinds of travel needs with high-tech, attractive prices and conditions, experience, unique resources and offers total solutions with high quality of service.

  1. International Flight Tickets
  2. Domestic Flight Tickets
  3. omestic and Abroad Hotel Reservations
  4. Domestic Rent A Car Bookings
  5. Trade Organizations
  6. Motivation and Incentive Trips
  7. Closed Group Organizations
  8. Landing, Celebration etc. Company and Union Organizations
  9. Culture, Arts, Entertainment etc. Events Organizations
  10. Education and Research Trips


Laz Tour Travel Line, Customer Service, Call Center, Internet services and corporate module offers many advantages to companies in corporate travel operations;

the system calculates the price of your products. Periodic price of the products we sell, the price action in different price categories, such as children's discount is automatically calculated. It prevents quoted incorrect price of your salesperson. 

All your sales staff to reach single and updated information about the products. Your other services to be provided together with a product made in sales (daily tours, car rental, etc ...) will be automatically set with accurate information and real prices.

In order to reservation steps is developed in line with the expectations of your customers, offers for your employees’ proactive sales support.  sunulur.


Thanks to be listed on the actual price of the optimal selection of products taken from the beginning of the booking details including the age of the child, interest product of the sub-option bringing the calculated displacement and price; reservation step by step and system control progress through the book are both minimized the errors that will can occur and it is provided that salesperson complete the reservations quickly and easily.