Daily Batumi Tour from Rize

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Daily Batumi Tour from Rize

, Departing from Rize
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Daily Batumi Tour from Rize From: Rize Tour Date : Duration : Daily
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Daily Batumi Tour from Rize

      During the day, we will visit the most popular places in Batumi, Georgia. Our debonair staff welcome you, worthfully guests, in front of town hall at 9 am in Rize. From the meeting point, we set off directly toward Sarp Border Gate. We enter the country with identity card through the border gate. After that with our tour guide, we set off the city center. On the road route, we see the sculpture of St. Andrew, the first missionary who brought Christianity to Georgia, on the Caucasian transit route, which is also called the Enlightenment Road. After visiting the sculpture, we continue our tour towards the Gonio area. Passing through Gonio, we see the Gonio (Apsaros) castle, where St. Matthias, one of the 12 apostles of Jesus Christ, was killed by the locals, on our right side. After seeing it, just ahead, on our left side, we see shooting range used in Soviet period. We cross the Coruh (Chorokhi in Georgian) river, which source comes from Bayburt in Turkey, and make the first entrance to the city center. While passing through the city center, we visit panoramically the house where the famous Russian literary figures Anton Chekhov and Maxim Gorky lived for 15 years, which now serves as a Bern restaurant. After lunch time, we go to the 2586-meter-long observation hill, where we can watch the city of Batumi by cable car. Then, our first stop is the Batumi Central Mosque, which is called the Batumi Valide Sultan Mosque, whose construction was completed in 1866, and which has a fascinating appearance with its wooden interior. Our second stop is the Piazza Square, one of the most beautiful places in Batumi, which is a magnificent example of city planning, and which is reminiscent of European city squares. Then in order we see;

- the sculpture of Memed Abaşhidze, who was killed by the Bolsheviks in 1937, a Georgian politician, writer and public figure known for the words "Everyone who loves Georgia should know me and my Adjarian brothers by their side"

- the Medea Sculpture in Europe Square, which cost 1 million Lari in 2007.

- the Adjara Autonomous Region Administrative building, a political-administrative region of Georgia, which located on Konstantine Gamsakhurdia Street

- the sculpture of Poseidon, one of the most magnificent statues of the city, which is built on a fountain representing ambition and power

- the Theater Square

- the drama theater, taking a picture in front of it.

- on our way to Old Batumi Boulevard, which is kilometers long with its lush nature and fascinating coastline

- the special designed wedding hall, which is one of the interesting modern architectures

- the Alphabetic Tower, contains 33 Georgian alphabets that one of the 14 writing systems used in the world, and currently serves as a restaurant

- the sculpture Ali and Nino, the moving figure of love that represent the protagonists of Kurban Said's famous novel, of which construction was completed in 2010 by Tamara Kvesitadze and Pataa Sanaiya

      After listening to the stories of Georgian Princess Nino and Azeri youth Ali from our guide, we break free time for drinks by the sea. After the free time, we set off toward the Sarp border gate at the appointed time. When the transition to Turkey is completed, we deliver you, worthfully guests, to your pick-up points.


MINIBUS: 2015 model and above VW VOLT 17+1 seats, abs, asr, air conditioner, 1 refrigerator, reading lamps, sound system for guide announcement, cd and dvd player.
MINIBUS FOR HIGHLANDS: 2010 model and above vehicles for 14 – 16 persons.
MIDIBUS: 2015 model and above ISUZU TURKUAZ 31+1 seats, reclining seat, abs, asr, air conditioner, 1 monitor, 1 refrigerator, water heater kitchen unit, reading lamps, sound system for guide announcement, cd and dvd player
BUS: 2015 model and above MERCEDES 403, Tourismo & Travego 46+1+1 seats, abs, asr, air conditioner, 2 monitors, 2 refrigerators, water heater kitchen unit, reading lamps, sound system for guide announcement, cd and dvd player.