Private Daily Elevit Plateau Tours from Batumi

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Private Daily Elevit Plateau Tours from Batumi

, Departing from Adjara
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Private Daily Elevit Plateau Tours from Batumi From: Adjara Tour Date : Duration : Daily
VIP Daily Elevit Plateau Tour from Batumi
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Tour Points:

🟢 Firtina Valley ( Zipline )

🟢 Firtina Valley ( Hammock )

🟢 Camlihemsin

🟢 Cat Valley

🟢 Senyuva Village

🟢 Zilkale

🟢 Palovit Waterfall

🟢 Buxus Sempervirens Forest

🟢 Tours to Elevit Plateau



       We meet in Batumi for our Elevit plateau tour and after the Sarp border crossing procedures, we get on our vehicle and start our tour to the magnificent Elevit plateau. We visit to the Cat valley, which is one of the rare valleys in the Black Sea that Hydroelectricity cannot enter. While passing the villages around us such as Konaklar, Ortan and Cinciva we also have opportunity to see the most beautiful examples of civil architecture. We take a nice break at the Senyuva stone bridge on the road and take lots of photos. Then, we go to Zilkale. Here, we see the historical textures of the castle, which dates to the 13th century and is called Kale-i Zir (Lower Castle). We strongly recommend you taste a tea at the facility located right next to the castle with unique view. Then, we get on our vehicle again and reach the Palovit waterfall, which is one of the most exuberant waterfalls of the whole Black Sea, and its source comes from the Palovit river. You may not be able to hear your own voice over the sound of the waterfall flowing from a height of 17 meters and fed by snow waters. After the time we spend here, we get on our vehicle and arrive at Elevit Plateau. Elevit, which is the only plateau in the region with a mukhtar, is 1800 meters above sea level. It is also referred to as the 'Yayla Village' in official records, as it has been a mukhtar for a long time. Elevit consists of two parts. The first part is Elevit, which is the center of the plateau, and the second part is Tafteni, which is higher. In this plateau, where no one lives in winter, settlements are completely filled in the summer months. Here, we take a lunch break. Then, in our free time, we take photos on the wooden bridge, the symbol of the Elevit Plateau, rest our feet in the cool waters and benefit from the beauties of nature. On the way back, we spend our free time in the forest, which is the oldest Buxus Sempervirens Forests of Turkey, which is estimated to be more than 300 years old. After the forest, we return to the Firtina Valley. In our activity center located by Firtina river, we allow time for our guests to use the zipline and hammock if they wish.

      After the activity, we get on our vehicles and return to Batumi and drop off our guests at the pick-up points. We say goodbye with the hope of seeing you in our other tours.